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They say the cello is the instrument of the soul, whose frequencies resonate with the heart.

My journey with my cello has been a journey of just that. 

From my days as a young girl following in the footsteps of my professional musician parents, to traveling the world studying and living in places like San Francisco, (California), Banff (Alberta) and Athens (Greece), to embarking on a freelance cellist career in New York City, to experiencing loss resulting in a completely new journey back home in Canada as a full-time single mother of two boys.  

Throughout all of the triumphs and tribulations, my cello has been there, accompanying me

every step of the way.

The cello is a sacred part of my heart.

I bring that to every performance I am in, every venue that I have the pleasure of playing, every event and ceremony that I am blessed to be a part of.


Music truly is the greatest Universal language.

One that unifies our differences. 

Soothes our silent sorrows.

And offers us harmony in the deepest parts of our soul.


It is my honour to be able to offer these moments of harmony and unison, to you.


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